Tendercare Home Health Services

6308 D Rucker Road
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Office: (317) 251-0700
Fax: (317) 251-7440

Employee Dashboard Account is Useful for:

  • Viewing your schedule
  • Leaving feedback
  • Emailing schedulers or office staff

    1. Go to www.tchhs.net
    2. Select the "Dashboard Login" button in the top right-hand corner.
    3. The “Tendercare Dashboard Login” will appear
    4. First time users must type these attributes to be logged in the first time:
USERNAME: First 4 letters of your lastname
+ first two letters of your first name

(Name: Richie Lewis)

lewi + ri = lewiri
PASSWORD: First 4 letters of your last name
+ last four digits of your social security number
(Name: Richie Lewis)

*If your last name is less than 4 letters, please call Travis at (317) 251-0700 or email: tlucas@tchhs.net to receive your Username.

Your Result should look similar to the following:





*There might be a glitch where you will be asked to do this twice.

Setting Your Password for the First Time

  • Current Password will be the same as the default above
    (example: lewi1234)
  • In the next 2 text boxes, type the password you would like. Your password must be at least 6 characters long include at least one letter and one number.


Forgot Your Password or Need to Reset?

  1. Click the "Employee Password Reset" link on the login page.
  2. Fill out the information to reset your password!

* If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule please contact one of our Tendercare schedulers at (317) 251-0700 ext. 203